Wills & Probate


Getting your family affairs in order

Although many people do not like to think much about major life changes that may involve the loss of a loved one, it is still a smart idea to plan for the inevitable before something actually happens. As an experienced family law lawyer, John Hixson has been assisting families for many years, making transitions in life a smoother and less uncertain experience.

Helping Grand Prairie families with the basics of will preparation

The most basic and common form of estate planning is the preparation of a will. Creating a will removes questions and clearly spells out a person's desires as to which heir should receive which assets upon their death. Grand Prairie families should take the time to invest in preparing a will so that they can properly take care of their families from generation to generation.

Assistance with wills and trusts

Some families want and need additional estate assurances and protection. For them, it not only makes sense to prepare a will but also explore the creation of a trust as well. Trusts allow the smooth transfer of assets upon a person's death within a legal framework that prevents them from having to pay taxes or go through probate. Mr. Hixson has helped families set up trusts to ensure maximum protection of their hard-earned assets.

The importance of putting a Power of Attorney in place

In some instances, a family member may become incapacitated through an ongoing medical problem or by virtue of an unexpected accident or another life event. When this happens, it is important for that person to have a plan in place that ensures their wishes are acted upon based on their desires. A power of attorney document in place is the best guarantee that this will be the case. There are two primary forms of power of attorney. A medical power of attorney gives another person the right to make health care decisions on your behalf when you cannot, and a durable power of attorney gives another person the right to handle all of your affairs if you are no longer able to do so.

Help with probate when you need it

All estates that only have a will in place must go through probate, which is the systematic dissemination of a person's assets after they pass away. It involves locating those assets, paying the decedent's bills, working with creditors, filing tax returns, and distributing the remaining assets to the deceased person's heirs. It can be a time-consuming activity and there can be legal issues to overcome as well. Hiring an experienced probate attorney such as John Hixson will remove most, if not all, of the issues related to probate, allowing for a smooth transfer of assets from one person to another.

The Hixson Law Firm serves clients in Mansfield, Arlington, Grand Prairie and other nearby Texas communities.

Mr. Hixson prepares Wills, Powers of Attorney and simple Trusts. Almost everyone needs a Will and Powers of Attorney. Your Will directs both who gets your property and designates who is in charge of the process of settling the estate. A professionally prepared Will saves money for your loved ones by speeding and streamlining the probate process. Leaving no Will or worse a poorly prepared Will is costly and time consuming. He also can also help in settling an estate.

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