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When You Have Conflicts Over Real Estate, a Real Estate Deeds Lawyer in Texas May Help

Posted by Lee Stringham | Apr 06, 2020 | 0 Comments

When you have questions or doubts about the legal ownership of a deed, a real estate deeds lawyer in Texas may be helpful to you. It is not wise to trust a real estate agent with matters concerning deeds or legal real estate contracts because they are often motivated by the desire to sell a property or profit in some way. Instead, a real estate deeds lawyer does not have an agenda regarding the deed of a property and will objectively represent your legal interests. The Hixson Law Firm of Texas has experienced legal professionals whose knowledge of real estate law will serve you well if you have concerns regarding the true ownership of a real estate deed.

Types of Real Estate Deeds

There are several kinds of real estate deeds, but perhaps one of the most common is the warranty deed.  This type of deed states that the grantor, or person owning the property, is actually the real owner and has the right to convey, or transfer, the property to a grantee, or person buying or receiving it.  The property is free of liens and is fully conveyed, and the grantor, upon conveying the property, gives the grantee the right to convey it later if he wants to, with everything being free and clear.  Another type of deed is the quitclaim deed, which conveys the property rights to a grantee without giving them the title.  If you need to have a deed reviewed or have questions or conflicts about a real estate deed, the best place to turn is to an expert firm like the Hixson Law Firm of Texas. Our legal staff will give you reliable legal guidance you can count on.

Call to Schedule a Consultation with a Real Estate Deeds Lawyer in Texas Today

If you have a questionable deed that is in need of legal review or if you want to draft a real estate deed, call to schedule a consultation with a real estate deeds lawyer in Texas today. The Hixson Law Firm has over two decades of experience serving the real estate needs of clients like you. We serve the cities of Mansfield, Arlington, and Grand Prairie, Texas, and will answer all your real estate deed questions. Call us at (817) 261-5000 and let us help you.

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