Property Title Disputes


Real estate disputes can take many forms

Without a doubt, a real estate transaction is bound to be one of the largest transactions of any kind in most people's lives. Much of time, these transactions are smooth, although there is always a lot of paperwork to handle. But at other times, real estate disputes do arise, requiring the services of a skilled and seasoned real estate attorney.

John Hixson has been handling real estate transactions and disputes for many years. He has dealt with a variety of issues related to the real estate transaction process, including:

  • Easement and neighbor disputes. These may arise between property owners, local governments, neighbors or utility companies. This can also include disputes regarding boundaries, fences, nuisances and zoning issues.
  • Quiet title. At times, there can be unsettled claims of title to a piece of property that can cloud an owner's title. This may interfere with the sale or prevent the sale of a piece of property until a judge can clear up the issue.
  • Fraud or non-disclosure. If a seller does not disclose any defects regarding a property and sale proceeds despite structural or permit problems, a possibility of litigation may ensue.
  • Lenders may require legal or contractual enforcement to help resolve foreclosure issues for owners who fall behind on payments for their home or property.
  • Enforcement of purchase agreements. When a purchase agreement fails to close escrow as contracted, a party may seek specific performance that compels the other party to perform, or they may seek damages for losses arising from the failure to complete the transaction.

A good title disputes lawyer can assist you with a variety of issues

Title disputes are among the most common of all real estate disputes. They are disagreements about who owns a piece of property and the amount of area a property covers. Although they are less common now because better records are kept, title issues do crop up and will always require the services of a title disputes lawyer such as John Hixson.

Having title to a property generally means a person not only owns the property described in a deed but they also have owner's rights which means they have the rights to possession, water rights, mineral rights and easements. Although the title is usually recorded with a county or city recorder's office when a property is bought or sold, if a property has not changed hands for decades, records may not be so accurate or up-to-date. This can create a variety of disagreements.

If you find that your title rights are being challenged for any reason, it's essential to hire an experienced title dispute attorney to assist you in defending any attack on your boundary rights or your title to your property.

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