Preparation Of Wills


Finding the right lawyer to assist you in the preparation of a will in Arlington

One of the greatest gifts you can give your family members and your heirs is a well thought out estate plan that consists of a will or possibly a living trust. John Hixson has been assisting families in doing just that for many years in Arlington and can make sure you take care of your loved ones long before circumstances force you to make a rash decision.

Also consider creating a Directive to Physicians

In assisting you with the preparation of a will, you may also be asked if you want any special end of life measures to be taken on your behalf. Known as a Directive to Physicians, if you become incapacitated for any reason and are not able to represent yourself and give direction to your doctor or other medical personnel, having a pre-determined course of how you want to be treated will benefit the physicians and your family members.

You may choose to have a physician prolong your life through extraordinary measures, or you may direct medical staff to let nature take its course. Absent of any other direction from you, doctors will look to your closest relatives for instruction, or they make take what they think is the best course of action on your behalf.

How an attorney can assist you in the probate process of a will or an estate

There are many steps involved in the probate of wills or the probate of an estate. While every estate will have its own particular set of parameters, there are general principles involved in probate that every family member or heir should be familiar with. Hiring an attorney to assist in these steps will ensure that they are handled in a timely and appropriate way.

  • A personal representative must be appointed. This person would oversee the disposition of the deceased's estate. They are also known as executors or administrators. Typically, these people would either be the deceased's attorney or a trusted friend.
  • Locate and protect the decedent's assets. A well thought out estate plan means that assets are already pre-identified and documentation is easy to locate.
  • Determine the date of death values. This would be done for all of the decedent's assets through their account statements as well as conducting a property appraisal.
  • Identify any known creditors to notify them of the person's death.
  • Pay all of the decedent's remaining bills.
  • File all of the income tax returns along with any estate income tax returns if the decedent's estate earns any money during the course of the administration.
  • Determine the estate's tax liability. This is also important along with finding out when it would be due both at federal and state levels.
  • Paying off an inheritance or estate taxes. In the event that any estate taxes or inheritance taxes are due then it is important to pay these off in a timely manner to avoid any problems in the future. This would usually be within nine months after the decedent's death.
  • Distributing the remaining balance to the deceased's heirs. What's left of the assets would be given to the heirs named in the will.

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