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How a Texas Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You With Real Estate Legal Issues

Posted by Lee Stringham | Apr 27, 2020 | 0 Comments

Real estate is one of the most valuable assets that people own during their lifetimes.  The ownership of real estate encompasses many legal issues that can often become complex or can be a source of conflict. Buying or selling a home or land involves written contracts and multiple parties, and doing these things without the proper legal representation can lead to trouble.  If you have questions about real estate legal issues, the Hixson Law Firm of Arlington, Texas can answer them and will give you the legal advice you need.  With over twenty years of experience serving clients, we offer the most up-to-date real estate legal resources to meet your needs and we fully understand all real estate law.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

The areas of commercial and residential real estate are very different from one another.  In commercial real estate, buyers of buildings are generally looking for valuable property that they can rent to tenants who will use it as office space or to conduct business activities. Contracts exist between the building owner and the tenant, or business owner, and business owners must take care that the agreements do not interfere with their businesses. Residential real estate involves buying a home or investing in a property to rehabilitate it so that it can be resold as a home or apartment. Real estate investors must be careful to draft contracts that create realistic terms they can meet.  For any of these issues, it's essential to hire an expert real estate lawyer. A legal professional from the Hixson Law Firm of Arlington, Texas can ensure that your legal real estate contracts are solid.

Call to Schedule a Consultation With a Texas Real Estate Lawyer Today

If you are buying or selling property or have questions about real estate issues, call to schedule a consultation with a Texas real estate lawyer today. The Hixson Law Firm will discuss your issues with you and give you legal guidance you can trust. We serve the cities of Mansfield, Arlington and Grand Prairie, Texas, and we are dedicated to serving you. Call us at (817) 261-5000 and let us bring clarity to your real estate questions.

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