Why We are (Very) Different


We Are (very) Different From Other Law Firms

We are a faith-based firm where you can expect to be treated in a fair, kind and respectful manner – but most importantly – EVERYTHING we do is guided by our faith. For us, this is a ministry.

  • A real person answers the phone!…no “voice-mail jail”
  • No rude people to deal with … we're actually nice!
  • We treat you like you are a person… not like you are a bother to us!
  • We have a really friendly, comfortable atmosphere!
  • No long office waits … you will be seen promptly!
  • We are not a MILL where you are just a number.
  • We are a safe place to get information you can trust!
  • For your consultation, you will meet with AN ATTORNEY!
  • Our consultations are only $100
  • 30 years of experience!
  • We are VERY knowledgeable!
  • We Get It. We really understand what you are going through and we will help you get a solution … so you can start sleeping at night… and stop worrying!

Our goal is to provide the best possible information so you can make the best possible decisions for you, your family and your business…at a fair price…when you need it the most!

God Bless You and Keep You.

[LAW FIRM NAME] Is Here for You

At [LAW FIRM NAME], we/] [I] focus on [PRACTICE AREA(s)] and [WE/I] [AM/ARE] here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.