Collection of Debts


When you need to hire a collections attorney in Mansfield or surrounding communities

Collecting an overdue payment or debt can be a real headache, especially if the debtor has no intentions of making things easy for you. While it is true that you can hire debt agencies to do the job, getting a lawyer to actually enforce the law, especially if the debt involves a sizable amount, can make a big difference. Not only does a lawyer have all the credentials and experience to know how to make a debtor pay what they owe, but they are also in the best position to enforce payment as well. When dealing with debtors, there is also the perception that you are taking the debt in the most serious possible way by being represented by a collections attorney.

John Hixson has been a successful collections attorney in the Mansfield area for many years. Because of his reputation and familiarity with processes and procedures in collection matters, he is able to apply maximum pressure on debtors which has made the recovery of money due to creditors much easier in the long run.

Expert legal counsel on the collection of debts

Collecting the full amount due on a debt does require in-depth knowledge of collection laws and what is allowed and what is not allowed in Texas. With an attorney on your side, you'll be able to collect the maximum amount due to you, including adding interest and legal fees that the debtor must pay to you under normal circumstances.

Many lawyers also work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you can reasonably budget what your costs will be associated with collecting what is due to you. Under a contingency fee basis, an attorney will only collect fees when they are successful in collecting the debt due to you. If they aren't successful, then you will not have to pay them a penny.

If you are considering hiring a debt collection agency instead, be aware that a debt collections agency has absolutely no authority to represent you in court. Only a licensed attorney can file a lawsuit, sue a debtor, seek to garnish their wages and seek a levy on bank accounts or obtain a judgment through the courts. Generally speaking, working with a lawyer to recover debts is also a quicker process than working with a debt collection agency.

An attorney can also assist with a defense of debts as well

Sometimes you are on the other side of the debt collection process. Creditors may be hounding you for payments, or you may be unjustly accused of owing money that you do not.

The important thing to remember if you've been served with a collection suit is to act quickly to defend yourself. In some cases, you have just a few days to respond to the summons. If you don't respond, the court could enter a judgment against you. This means you must seek legal representation in defense of your debts immediately.

Through his many years of experience with debt collections, John Hixson is ready to assist you, regardless of which side of the debt collection issue you are on.

The Hixson Law Firm serves clients in Mansfield, Arlington, Grand Prairie and other nearby Texas communities.

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