Attorney John A. Hixson is considered by many to be one of the greater Arlington area's leading attorneys in the practice of real estate law, probate and bankruptcy law.

With more than 30 years of practice to his credit, his goal is to provide the highest caliber of counsel at a fair price so that every client is empowered to make the best decisions for their situation.

A 1979 Cum Laude graduate of Trinity University, Mr. Hixson went on to complete his Juris Doctorate at Southern Methodist University School of Law in 1982. He continues to pursue continuing education in his practice areas, especially in the rapidly changing area of bankruptcy law.

Since his admittance to the State Bar of Texas in 1983, Mr. Hixson has become an expert in civil law. The first five years of his career were spent as a corporate counsel in the construction and real estate fields.

He has practiced law as a sole proprietor in Arlington, Texas since 1988. His practice is limited to civil law matters; including bankruptcy, real estate, collection, family, and wills and probate matters. An experienced mediator, arbitrator and negotiator, Mr. Hixson is also a seasoned trial attorney and highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the appeals process as well.

A self-described “dirt attorney” who specializes in real estate law

A self-described “dirt attorney,” John A. Hixson covers most facets of the law dealing with real estate. Combining more than 30 years of experience, and a deep and thorough knowledge of the local court system and Texas real estate laws, he is able to offer his clients a wide range of services to meet virtually all situations regarding real estate matters.

  • Preparation of Deeds to change the title of property.
  • Advise as to real estate transactions, including a review of title commitments.
  • Preparation of contracts and other necessary documents. (No RE agent needed)
  • Preparation of documents for owner financing and cash sale transactions.
  • Closing services for owner financing and cash sale transactions.
  • Document preparation to clear the title to property.
  • Litigation to clear the title to real property.
  • Affidavits of Heirship and Small Estate Affidavits to transfer title.
  • Probate of a will to change the title of property.
  • Heirship proceedings (No Will) in Probate to change the title to property.
  • Litigation of disputes in Probate as to the title of real property.
  • Preparation of Wills and Trusts to assure the smooth transfer of property upon death.
  • Foreclosure services on a deed of trust to obtain title after default on a real estate note.
  • Eviction services for Landlords, including appeals to County Court at Law.
  • Filing mechanics liens to collect funds owed on a construction project.

While the vast majority of real estate transactions go smoothly when the proper documents are prepared in a timely manner, at other times, issues may arise that could lead to litigation through the courts. In any legal dispute, the stakes are high and the results are long-lasting, but this is even more of a case in disagreements involving real estate disputes. Winning these types of cases means taking an aggressive approach, being responsive to circumstances with a decisive strategy and then effectively executing that strategy.

Strategies can involve litigating matters in front of a judge, going through arbitration or mediation, or negotiating a settlement that makes both sides happy with the outcome. The key for Mr. Hixson is to determine what the root problem is and then find the best way to solve that problem while protecting the interests of his clients.

Mr. Hixson's track record has been built through successful casework in many areas of real estate law:

  • Contract disputes involving real property
  • Commercial and retail evictions
  • Mechanics liens
  • Adverse possession actions
  • Lis pendens issues
  • Quiet title actions

At times, real estate law will also bleed into other areas of law, such as estate planning, taxes, trusts, wills and probate issues that may involve landlords, tenants, property managers, landowners, builders and others for single-family residences, apartment buildings and commercial properties.

An experienced probate attorney

One of the most important things a person can do for their family and heirs is to prepare a well thought out estate plan. Doing so can greatly simplify the probate process at a time when family members will be in an emotional state and mourning the loss of a loved one.

Mr. Hixson's probate and estate planning services include:

  • The preparation of Wills
  • Durable Power of Attorney for financial matters
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Directive to Physicians which is also called a Living Will
  • Establishing Trusts and Probate Wills
  • Preparation of Affidavits of Heirship and Small Estate Affidavits

With a little bit of pre-planning and assistance from a skilled probate attorney such as John Hixson, many of the tough choices can be decided in advance, ensuring a smooth transition of assets. However, in those cases where pre-planning hasn't taken place, Mr. Hixson has experience as a probate attorney who can also help family members sort out the issues associated with an estate, and assist in minimizing problems, as well as potential anger and distrust, that may arise during the distribution process.

Mr. Hixson is knowledgeable in all aspects of probate work and can guide executors or serve as an executor on behalf of family members, assisting them in many ways:

  • Identifying and securing estate assets
  • Working with life insurance companies to make sure policies are paid
  • Ensuring that all bills are paid and that all debts are settled
  • Resolving income tax issues
  • Determining if estate or inheritance taxes are due, and settling those debts
  • Prepping and filing documents required by a probate court
  • Determining which beneficiaries should receive designated assets
  • Transferring assets that are in the decedent's name to appropriate beneficiaries
  • Disbursing remaining assets after all bills and taxes have been paid

Resolving many of these issues in advance will reduce stress and possible dissension among family members during the probate process. But having John Hixson step in and handle probate affairs in any situation will always reduce costs, shorten the disposition time frame and reduce the unpleasantries that may come from the uncertainty of dealing with unresolved issues.